Trans kids may face ‘psychological’ repercussions if they swap gender

Transgender children could face ‘psychological’ repercussions if they are allowed to change their gender, a landmark review is set to rule. 

The number of children identifying as transgender has seen a significant increase, with growing concerns that schools are allowing pupils to switch gender without informing their parents, despite government guidance stating otherwise. 

The Cass review into gender identity services for children has vowed to look at the ‘important role of schools’ and the difficulties facing them in relation to ‘gender-questioning’ students. 

The review, led by Dame Hilary Cass, will be published on Wednesday and is expected to say children might experience ‘psychological’ repercussions if they are allowed to change their name and pronoun. 

The final review is set to say that prepubescent children should not be put on the same ‘pathway’ as older adolescents who wish to switch to the opposite gender. 

The Cass review, led by Dame Hilary Cass (pictured), will be published on Wednesday

The Department for Education (DfE) is likely to reflect the review’s findings in its guidance for teachers on how to deal with transgender children, The Telegraph reported. The final version of the guidance is set to be published later in 2024. 

After the publication of the interim Cass review in 2022, the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock transgender clinic announced it would close down after it was considered unsafe for children.

A number of five-year-olds were referred between 2021-2022 to the highly-controversial GIDS at the Tavistock clinic. 

Some patients at the clinic were taken on for actual treatment, which could include puberty blockers and hormones that help change their bodies to align more with their gender identity. 

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In 2020 former patient Keira Bell took the clinic to the High Court in claiming that she had not been challenged enough before being prescribed the drugs at 16. 

NHS England said it would alternatively move young people who believed they were transgender to regional centres that take a more ‘holistic’ approach and look into other mental health of medical issues the child might have. 

Maya Forstater, the chief executive of Sex Matters, said: ‘Doctors are having to deal with gender-confused children who have already been socially transitioned at school for years, and are, LLEIDA PSICOLOGO as a result, very disturbed by the idea of going through puberty, which will develop their secondary sex characteristics.’ 

Ms Foster, who has spoken to Dame Hilary and her team, added: ‘If social transitioning in schools is stopped, it will take the pressure off clinics.’ 

A Government source said: ‘We are absolutely clear about the importance of biological sex, particularly in the context of safeguarding, and the role parents must play in decisions about their children.’ 

The NHS last month announced an immediate ban on prescribing puberty blockers to under 18-s unless they are part of a clinical trial – with ministers saying the ‘landmark decision’ was in children’s ‘best interests’. 

It comes as primary school teachers are being told to allow children to change gender behind their parents’ backs, it has been claimed. 

After the publication of the interim Cass review in 2022, the Tavistock transgender clinic announced it would close down after it was considered unsafe for children

A survey of equality and trans policies at more than 600 schools in Devon and Cornwall showed a large majority (73 and 62 per cent respectively) reportedly misrepresented equality laws.

It claimed one school trust advised teachers to help girls use breast binders on school trips, while also allowing pupils to sleep in bedrooms according to their ‘gender identity’.

The details, compiled by Protect and Teach and reported in the Telegraph, concerned state schools.

Some of the school policies reportedly claimed children ‘as young as five’ could show signs of gender dysphoria.

They also said biological sex ‘is assigned at birth, depending on the appearance of the infant’.

One grammar school reportedly stated sex was ‘a person’s understanding and experience of their own gender identity’.

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